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Zebra blinds vs Roller blinds

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There are different types of blinds that are in the market today and roller blinds and zebra blinds are some of them. But how different are these two window coverings? Zebra blinds are the kind of blinds that offer a modern stylish alternatives to the traditional horizontal blinds. There are blinds that you can consider a hybrid of roller blinds and standard blinds. They are innovative window covers that provide a great way to control light and offer some privacy to your home. Zebra blinds are currently trending in Australia and it has all to do with how efficient these blinds are. Unlike the usual roller blinds that we have become accustomed to, when zebra blinds are rolled down, the fabric slats that are horizontally placed on them can move in a vertical manner which means you can maintain your view through the layers, while adjusting the amount of light you want to get into your room. 

Roller blinds are some of the most popular kinds in the Australian market. These blinds are simple and they do a great job at being window coverings. A roller blind is fitted at the top of the window frame and can be operated through the use of a cord that is attached to it. There are also some roller blinds that are motorized and you do not have to operate them yourself. Roller blinds are a good option for a variety of doors and windows. They can be made to look neat for spaces that are small or adjusted to for large windows and doors. 

Advantages of Zebra Blinds

Control over light

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Zebra blinds often have solid and sheer fabrics combined into a single shade. Alternating the bands when you want to close or open will help you gain control over the amount of light that you want in your room. If you want to have more light on a bright sunny day, then you can keep the vanes open for light to stream right through. If you want to have a view that is not obstructed, you can also fold up the shades and have a full view. Filtering and block out fabric options for your zebra blinds will come in handy when you want some darkness. 

Versatility in design

Zebra blinds are very versatile and you can play around with different styles when you have them in your interior space. They can work with not only modern designs, but they can also work with some traditional designs as well. The clean lines that they offer would be great for a contemporary themed room but their sheer and soft fabrics can blend right into traditional design settings. 


Did you know you can operate the shades of your zebra blinds from any point in your house? Motorization allows you to operate your shades both individually or simultaneously. This is great for that lazy afternoon when you do not want to get out of bed to open your blinds. Also, just imagine how entertaining motorized blinds would be for your guests. 

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Advantages of Roller blinds


Roller blinds can be considered some of the most versatile types of blinds. This means that they an ideal choice if you want to work with different kinds of settings and environments. They come in a wide variety of designs, colors and fabrics which means you can explore different options until you find one that makes you happy. If you are looking to immediately transform how a room looks, then roller blinds are a quick and simple option. 

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Roller blinds are very practical. They come in a range if flame retardant and moisture resistant options which means that you can use them in rooms that you would otherwise not use other types of blinds. For example, you need some blinds that can withstand moisture, heat and the harsh conditions that are in bathrooms and kitchens when it comes to blinds. This is where roller blinds are a life saver. They have a variety of options that will be able to last long in these not so friendly rooms. 

Blackout options

Waking up to a dreamy sunlit room sounds lovely, but sometimes all you want is to get some good night’s sleep spill into your morning. Roller blinds are quite useful when you are in this situation as you can choose the ones that have a blackout fabric to use as your window covering. These kinds of roller blinds are ideal for nurseries and those who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day. 

The Cons

There are several benefits that come with having either roller blinds, or zebra blinds. However there are also some disadvantages to these two types of blinds. A disadvantage of zebra blinds is that they are quite fragile. This means that they are highly likely to get damaged or ruined and therefore required to be cared for more than the regular blinds. They may have son aesthetic qualities, but they are also easy to damage. 

Another disadvantage of zebra blinds is that they may obstruct the view. Zebra blinds affect the view when the have been let down. If this is a bother for you, you can simply raise the blinds when you want a view that us clear. 

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One disadvantage of roller blinds is that they are not suited for windows that are either too narrow or those that are oddly shaped. They are also not the best option for blinds if you have an old Victorian kind of home since they are more of a contemporary look. If you have this kind of home you can opt for Zebra blinds. 

Roller blinds may also not be the best if you do not have sufficient time to clean them up regularly. These blinds need to be cleaned often so that they can last long. For some fabrics, you may have to take the blinds to the dry cleaner. You should therefore be aware of this before you choose these blinds. 

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