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Everything you want to know about panel blinds in Perth

For those who don’t have the faintest idea about what panel blinds are, these are a modern variation of the traditional vertical blinds and slide across a multichannel track. The fabric panels come with a heavy bottom bar, giving it a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance. These are great for large windows, patio doors, or even as room dividers for privacy or for controlling the amount of light that goes into the room. When open, the blinds stack behind one another, allowing maximum light to enter the premises.
Panel blinds in Perth generally come in a 5-channel track and look like giant vertical blind slats. However, the number of channels or panel pieces actually depends on the width of the window or the width of the blinds that you choose.

Advantages of using panel blinds in Perth

  • Perhaps the most important benefit of using panel blinds is the ease of use. The mechanism is fairly easy to operate, and thus, both children and adults can use the blinds.
  • Since the panels roll in from the sides, they do not come in the way of people trying to enter through the patio door if that is where you plan on installing the panels.
  • Panel blinds are great for people who prefer eco-friendly options for their homes. That said, these are fairly easy to install on windows and doors of all sizes, making them quite handy, as most other forms of blinds are not suited for big windows.
  • Though generally well-suited for sliding glass doors and windows, you can also use these with hinged doors and even French doors.
  • Panel blinds offer tons of customisation options. You can select from a wide range of colours and fabrics for the blinds – something that complements the look and décor of your room. In fact, you can even use block materials for the same, just in case you want to block complete sunlight.
  • The panels are fairly easy to remove and install. It is perhaps why these are such a hit in Perth! So, you can always have different fabrics ready for panels for the different seasons of the year, or even for themed parties.
  • These give an elegant and contemporary look to the rooms where they are installed.
  • These are a cost-effective window treatment that is fairly durable and lasts really long if you take proper care of the panels.

Difference between panel blinds and vertical blinds

  • Light control and privacy: Panel glides are made up of fabric that stack behind one another when open. When closed, they form a fabric screen blocking the sunlight completely or partially, depending on the type of fabric used. On the other hand, vertical blinds are great for controlling privacy, sunlight entering a room, and can almost fit any type of windows.
  • Aesthetic: Panel blinds are great for being used as room dividers or for simply heightening the aesthetic value of rooms. These come in stylish textures and colours, thus looking chic and modern. Vertical blinds too are quite flexible in terms of colour and textures, and you can even match them to the walls of your room. However, they’re also quite sleek and can be tailored to fit any window shape.
  • Temperature control: Panel blinds in Perth are used to regulate the temperature of the room, however, vertical blinds aren’t as environmentally sustainable, and transfer more heat than the former.
  • Repairs and pricing: Panel glides are fairly easy to repair. The fact that they can be removed and installed with ease is what makes them all the more popular. Moreover, Panel blinds in Perth come in different price ranges, so it’s easy to lay hands on one that suits your needs and budget. While vertical blinds too are quite repairable, they aren’t quite as cost-effective or easy to use.

Why choose us for panel blinds installation in Perth?

Panel blinds available with us are specifically designed for Australian market conditions. They are suited for all kinds of applications and especially known to offer greater flexibility and sunlight protection. At Kevin Blinds, we try to offer quality products and dedicated service. Moreover, we also offer free home consultation, just in case you aren’t sure about the type of blinds you need for your room. Our team at Kevin Blinds has years of experience in the industry and works closely with clients to help them in every step of the process – from selecting the right blinds for their place to the final installation, and everything in between.
There are literally innumerable design and functional possibilities with panel blinds. These are thus a great option for families and homeowners looking for low-maintenance, space-efficient, modern window treatments. Connect with us at 1800 888 588 for more info on how we can give your home a chic look. Call now!

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Kevin came and installed sheer curtains in my living and bedroom. Cannot recommend him enough. Very efficient, helpful and skilled. The end result was better than I could have imagined. A great turn around in wait time (only 3 weeks compared to larger companies) and the quality and finish of the curtains was top notch. Thank you so much!
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We had Kevin blinds make and fit sheers and blockout curtain for our main lounge room and OMG they are absolutely beautiful. The quality is amazing, the material is top notch and super elegant. We highly recommend Kevin blinds, he’s very patient, a clean worker and his quality is super high.
We will definitely be getting our theatre and bedroom done through Kevin Blinds.
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good quality blinds and curtains,reasonable price and professional job!!, happy with the result,will recommend to my friend!
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I love my curtainsThanks for your professional jobvery happy with the resultthey are good quality fabric and tracksand nice colour match the floor.will recommend to my friend
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