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Kevin Blinds is a traditional Perth-based company that provides quality curtains and blinds in Rivervale. With over a decade of our team’s collective experience and expertise, our professional team strives to help residential and commercial clients to create beautiful and functional spaces. From dressing rooms, houses to offices, you can rely on our team to provide quality products and superb customer service.

At Kevin Blinds, we understand that each room is unique and have different needs and requirements. As such, we offer custom curtains and blinds that suits your individual needs and style preferences. We tailor high-quality curtains and blinds with utmost attention to detail, ensuring perfection every single time. We also provide ready-to-install products that can deliver functionality and aesthetics to any room. Finding the right curtains for your space can be challenging. Our professional consultants are ready to give you advice, from selecting the best colours, choosing the most suitable fabrics, and helping you decide on the most space-enhancing designs.

Premium Curtains in Rivervale

Dressing up your home or office has never been easier with Kevin Blinds. Whether you’re looking for privacy, aesthetics, or a mix of both, you can find premium curtains and blinds perfect for your preference and needs.

If you like privacy but still want some light, you can opt for our premium sheer curtains. Our sheer curtains are available in several designs, fabric options, and colours. They are suitable for living areas. On the other hand, if you prefer absolute privacy, you may choose blockout curtains, which blocks all light. Blockout curtains are best for private rooms like bedrooms. We recommend using both sheer and blockout curtains to create truly unique spaces.

Kevin Blinds also offer made-to-measure curtains to suit your preferred style. We will tailor premium quality curtains according to your needs and measure your doors and windows. If you’re still unsure what to get, we have expert design consultants ready to help you choose the best design, fabrics, and colours.

High Quality Blinds Installation Rivervale

Blinds are popular options for their aesthetics and functionality. If you want to buy premium quality and affordable blinds in Perth, you can find everything you need at Kevin Blinds. We offer a wide variety of blinds, from roller blinds, Venetian blinds to Zebra blinds. We also provide custom-designed blinds to match your unique aesthetic choices and preferences.

One popular blind option in Perth is Roller Blinds. They are low-maintenance, low-cost, and easy to install. We have Roller Blinds in various colours and designs to match your preferred aesthetics. We also have Zebra Blinds, which are an excellent alternative to regular roller blinds. With Zebra Blinds, you can switch from complete privacy to allowing some light to enter the rooms.

Kevin Blinds also offers a wide variety of Venetian Blinds. If you’re looking for rustic and traditional-looking blinds, you’ll like our timber blinds. Made from quality wood, our Timber-looking Venetial Blinds are long-lasting and low-maintenance. We also have Aluminium Venetian Blinds, which sports a simple yet sleek design. Aluminium Blinds are low-maintenance and durable.

Kevin Blinds offer unrivalled customer service, ensuring that we surpass your expectations. Our team of reliable drivers will ensure that your orders arrive safely within ten working days. We include instructions on how to set up your new curtains and blinds in Rivervale. But if you’re having trouble, we can have a team of professional curtains and blinds installers to help you. We ensure that you’re happy with our service, from design consultation, custom order production to delivery and installation.

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