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Sheer Curtains

S-Fold sheer curtains are the way to go for for an airy, light and breezy treatment for your windows. These curtains, also known as sheers are translucent lightweight fabrics that offer a great cover for your windows and can either come in various solid colours, have a metallic or shimmery thread, be embroidered or have foil print designs, or simply be patterned. They are becoming a popular variety of curtains for people.

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Why choose Sheer Curtains?

A sheer curtain is an easy way to create a sense of luxury and elegance in your interior space and to soften the lighting to give you that infusion of style to your decor. There are various benefits of having sheer curtains in your home. One is that sheer curtains are a great filter for the light which adds a sense of sophistication to a room. Another benefit of this is that it offers protection to the fixtures and furniture in your home by keeping them shielded from direct sunlight. Sheers also add a pop of texture between other curtains that enhances the general aesthetic of your space as they also frame your windows and add some height to your room.

Sheer curtains can be seen through to some extent, but you cannot make out the details of what you see when you look through them. When they filter light, they cast a glow on the colour of the curtains. For example, if you have turquoise sheers, they will cast a light that has hints of turquoise in it. This means that you can get creative with the colour that you want in your room and possibly make it match the theme of decor that you have.

Several different fabrics are used to make sheer curtains and one of the materials that is commonly used is polyester. This is a material that many people go for because it is durable, it is easy to clean and it has a colour retention ability. Other materials that are used to make sheers include cotton, silk, linen, lace, voile, and chiffon. You can never go wrong if you are looking for a sheer curtain that will go with the style in your home. There is no material that can be considered the best for sheers, as it only needs to be a translucent material that lets light go through.

Sheer curtains may not offer sound cancellation, but they provide some privacy. They are not the best option if you are looking to block out all visibility in a room, but they are great options for window treatments and as a transition between outdoor spaces and indoor spaces. The best thing about sheers is that they offer daylight privacy while allowing natural light to pour into a room. At night, however, people can see through the fabric if the lights are on.

Sheers often come in waves which gives a nice continuous flow to your room from one end of a window to the other end. This creates an illusion of size and adds ‘pop’ to a room. Sheers are manufactured in a modern S-fold Sheer heading, which means they will effortlessly fall from top to bottom. If you are looking for some Perth blinds, Kevin blinds have some of the most beautiful sheers that will leave your room looking absolutely stunning.


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Nic Johnson

We had Kevin blinds make and fit sheers and blockout curtain for our main lounge room and OMG they are absolutely beautiful. The quality is amazing, the material is top notch and super elegant. We highly recommend Kevin blinds, he’s very patient, a clean worker and his quality is super high. We will definitely be getting our theatre and bedroom done through Kevin Blinds.

Risa Ristanovich

Kevin came and installed sheer curtains in my living and bedroom. Cannot recommend him enough. Very efficient, helpful and skilled. The end result was better than I could have imagined. A great turn around in wait time (only 3 weeks compared to larger companies) and the quality and finish of the curtains was top notch. Thank you so much!


Very glad i chose Kevin, great price, quality work and craftsmanship, he was quick to do the work , no damage done, left the place very clean and tidy, a true professional, highly recommended, will commission again for other projects.

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