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Want a bit of both sunshine and shade in your room? Well, Sunscreen Blinds might just be the ideal choice. Made out of mesh sort of fabric and woven with unique technique, Sunscreen Blinds lets in ample light into the room while preventing the harsh glare and UV rays of sunlight.
We at Kevin Blinds & Curtains offer you a great range of sunscreen blinds that are made with the best quality fabric. Available in different styles, sunscreen blinds are a perfect addition for homes that require privacy and ideal light control.
The quality of material for these blinds is such that it allows the people inside the room to get a good view of the outside world, however, prevents the onlookers from getting a peek inside the room. So, if you are someone who loves natural light in their room but not at the cost of their privacy then Sunscreen Blinds is the solution for you.

Sun Blocking Blinds

For a sunny place like Perth, Sunscreen Blinds Perth is one of the most popular picks when it comes to window furnishings. Homeowners not only get to enjoy the lovely outside view from their room but also maintain their privacy inside.
If you are someone who loves to maintain the décor of your room then you know how important the role the natural light plays in uplifting the interiors of a room. The use of sunscreen blinds enables you to get ample natural light into the room without making the place look too bright for your comfort.
However, you must pay attention to certain things when you are shopping for Sunscreen Blinds in order to get all its perks. Find out the things that you need to consider for picking the best Sunscreen Blinds for home.

The choice of fabric for the making of Sunscreen Blinds determines the overall quality of the product. You must consider the fabric of the blinds when you are shopping for it.
An ideal Sunscreen Blind is made out of vinyl with a polyester material as its core. This makes the fabric for the sunscreen blinds strong and durable.
We at Kevin Blinds & Curtains only use high-quality fabric and avoid PVC or 100% polyester material as these materials deteriorate with time.

You must consider the warranty period when choosing Sunscreen Blinds for your home. A trusted company will offer you at least a 12-months warranty for Sunscreen Blinds.
Any fault or damage will be covered within this warranty period. Here at Kevin Blinds & Curtains, we offer two years warranty for all our products, therefore, giving our customers the assurance of satisfaction from their purchase.

Proper Fit
Customers also need to consider the fit of the sunscreen blinds that they are choosing for purchase. Without proper fit, the blinds are good for nothing.
You don’t want blinds that are short or long. Short Blinds will not give you the privacy and shade that you want from Sunscreen Blinds Perth. Blinds that are too long will look odd and ruin the décor of your room.
Choose Sunscreen Blinds that are ideally fitted to your window’s dimensions. At Kevin Blinds & Curtains we ensure that you get perfect Blinds with our custom-made style and expert installation service.
Picking the perfect Sunscreen Blinds is possible at our store as we offer all the vital elements that a good quality sunscreen blinds have. So, what are you waiting for? Explore and shop for high-quality Sunscreen Blinds and make the most of your purchase.

Made to Measure Sunscreen Blinds in Perth

Kevin Blinds & Curtains have been in the curtains and blinds business for over a decade and over the years have served many happy customers. We choose quality over anything else and ensure to maintain the highest standard for all our products.
We don’t make compromises with the quality of our range of Sunscreen Blinds and offer them at a reasonable price. With us, you are assured to get the best Sunscreen Blinds Perth no matter what.
Pick your choice for Sunscreen Blinds at our store and get the best value window treatment solution for your home. To learn more about Sunscreen Blinds, feel free to contact us.

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