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Pelmet Curtains

Pelmet curtains are fixtures that are decorative curtains that are placed on windows to hide the installation details of curtains. They are a great way to cover any curtain fixtures at the place where a curtain has been attached. Pelmet curtains can be used for any kind of room, they can vary in shapes and lengths and they can be used for different sizes of windows. The kind of fabric that you use on your pelmet curtain will depend on the design you want for your room, as well as the kind of furnishings that you may have. If you are looking for Pelmet curtains in Perth, then Kevin blinds are the place to visit as we offer some of the best variety of pelmet curtains.

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You may already have curtains but you are also wondering whether you should get some pelmet curtains. These curtains not only help you conceal curtain fittings, but they also offer insulation and add some aesthetic finesse to your room. Curtains that do not have pelmets on them do not look very neat since you can see the tracks, the poles, the rings and headings, all which are not very classy. Adding a pelmet curtain from Kevin blinds as a beautiful covering gives your window coverings a clean finish that can also be used for decorative purposes. Pelmet curtains are also beneficial in that they provide some insulation to your room. Placing them at the top of your curtain will keep off some cold waves and shield you from the scorching sun.

There are different types of pelmet curtains in Perth depending on the installation style, the size, the ornamentation and the material. While some materials add some contemporary flair to your room, others can give it an old fashioned look. There are L-shaped pelmet curtains that include the curtain track within them which means you do not have to buy a curtain track. Pelmet curtains made of fabric can be folded to produce a fluffy look and can be attached to the curtain track thus eliminating the need for a baseboard. Pelmet curtains are also a great way to add some space to your room by making your window look wider and taller. If your room has a very high ceiling, Kevin blinds offer some pelmet curtains that can also be used to change the appearance of the height by making it look lower.

Pelmet curtains are a great addition to your house decor and they allow you to use your imagination and design skills to choose the styles, patterns, and colors that will be best suited for your needs. Adding strips of light behind the pelmet curtain can be a great way to enhance the light in your interior space and make it look ambient. If you also have single-colored walls and you want to break the monotony, pelmet curtains are a go-to choice. You can also create a frame for your window and match the pelmet curtain to your furniture to enhance the theme in your room.

While pelmet curtains are an efficient way to hide your curtain fixtures, buying pelmet curtains from Kevin blinds can help you save on your coins as they are a great alternative to purchasing other frameworks to do the same job.

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Nic Johnson

We had Kevin blinds make and fit sheers and blockout curtain for our main lounge room and OMG they are absolutely beautiful. The quality is amazing, the material is top notch and super elegant. We highly recommend Kevin blinds, he’s very patient, a clean worker and his quality is super high. We will definitely be getting our theatre and bedroom done through Kevin Blinds.

Risa Ristanovich

Kevin came and installed sheer curtains in my living and bedroom. Cannot recommend him enough. Very efficient, helpful and skilled. The end result was better than I could have imagined. A great turn around in wait time (only 3 weeks compared to larger companies) and the quality and finish of the curtains was top notch. Thank you so much!


Very glad i chose Kevin, great price, quality work and craftsmanship, he was quick to do the work , no damage done, left the place very clean and tidy, a true professional, highly recommended, will commission again for other projects.

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