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Blinds & Curtains Gosnells – Mostly, windows need a little support from window coverings to manage the light levels as well as provide privacy. All kinds of window coverings protect the furniture and carpets from fading. Also, these are extremely helpful in keeping the rooms cool in summer and providing the necessary shade on bright sunny days. If you are searching the Blinds & Curtains Gosnells then Kevin Blinds is a professional and experienced company that supplies you with high-quality window coverings. 

Blinds & Curtains Gosnells

Kevin Blinds is known for its top-notch quality window coverings that have longevity and durability. Our products enhance the overall value of your property by adding a touch of sophistication and luxury and making your home or office more attractive. All the products of our company are made in Australia with quality materials. If you are seeking Blinds & Curtains Installation Services in Gosnells then give us a call at 1800 888 588, 0455 501 881, or write an email at

How to Install Blinds & Curtains in Gosnells?

If you have the desire to install different designs and colors of window coverings then it is essential to make sure that the product you are choosing is very high-quality and provides you comfort, and privacy, and that the design you select runs in the long-term. No doubt, there are various manufacturing, supplying, and installation companies that provide products and services and it is very difficult to pick the right one to fulfill your dreams. 

Connect with Kevin Blinds, we are a reliable and professional company that offers an extraordinary array of luxury window coverings for your homes and offices. Also, we provide Gosnells commercial and residential people installation services at competitive prices. The following are the tools and materials that you need:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Electric drill
  • Drill bits
  • Ladder or step stool (if necessary)
  • Spirit level (for outside-mount blinds)

Steps: Installing Blinds

  • Measure your window frame
  • Install the mounting brackets
  • Install the headrail
  • Then, install the valance
  • Test the blinds

Steps: Installing Curtains

  • Measure your window
  • Determine size and style
  • Choose rods and hardware
  • Install brackets
  • Mount curtains
  • Hang Curtains
  • Install Tiebacks (optional)

Wide Range of Blinds & Curtains Offered by Kevin Blinds in Gosnells

Designer Blinds 

Designer Blinds have numerous benefits and they provide the opportunity to customize your window treatments as per your unique style and preferences. Also, these come in multiple colors, materials, patterns, and designs. Kevin Blind’s designer blinds have the ability to control natural light. With adjustable fabrics and slats, you can control the light and also save your furniture from harmful UV rays. Furthermore, our window covering insulates your windows and controls heat loss in winter, and lower heat gain in the summer season.

Pelmet Curtains

Pelmet Curtains are also called valence curtains. These are an elegant and useful addition to any window treatment. Also, it has various perks that increase the overall look as well as the feel of a space. Pelmet is available in various fabrics, styles, and patterns. Kevin Blind’s pelmet curtains are versatile, with enhanced aesthetics, hardware concealment, increased insulation, sound insulation, and light control. Also, our stylish window coverings add a stunning touch to your window treatments.

Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen blinds are also known as solar shades or sun shades. Nowadays, these are also one of the popular choices for window treatments due to their unique features and advantages. The best part of these blinds are they are specifically designed to block the harmful UV rays from the sun. Our sunscreen blinds offer amazing protection for your flooring, furniture, as well as other valuable items in your home. Kevin Blinds has a variety of patterns and colors so you have the choice to choose a design that perfectly suits your interior decor. 

Blockout Curtains

Blockout Curtains are called blackout curtains and these are designed to block the external light including sunlight and streetlights. Also, this provides various advantages to both commercial and residential spaces. Furthermore, these are highly beneficial for home theatres, bedrooms, and spaces where you want complete darkness for quality sleep, and many other reasons. Kevin Blind’s blackout curtains can create a peaceful and dark sleeping environment and improve your sleep quality by giving you privacy and light control.

Leading & Renowned Blinds & Curtains Installation Experts in Gosnells

Kevin Blinds is an experienced company that provides blinds, curtains, and shutters for more than 10+ years. We have new styles and designs of blinds and curtains so you have the choice to choose a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes, to reflect your style. Our company has versatile window coverings that you can use in various settings such as offices, homes, and commercial spaces. 

Furthermore, Our blinds and curtains are the perfect choice for those who want to control sunlight, enhance privacy, and also want a comfortable and visually appealing environment in their space. We have a trained staff that will help you in choosing the right window coverings that amazingly suit your interior design. So, for quality products and services give us a call right now!

Advantages of Taking our Window Treatment Services in Gosnells

  • Our company has the latest cordless equipment.
  • Also, services by most advanced equipment.
  • 10+ years of experience.
  • The staff of our company delivers 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Affordable rates for residential and commercial properties.
  • Kevin Blinds provides same-day and emergency services.
  • Furthermore, guaranteed results for all services.

Contact Details

Name – Kevin Blinds

Address – PERTH, WA

Contact No. – 1800 888 588, 0455 501 881


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Does Kevin Blinds provide Blinds and Curtains Installation Services in Gosnells?

Answer. Yes, Kevin Blinds provides Blinds and Curtains Installation Services in Gosnells.

Question 2. What types of curtains are available at Kevin Blinds?

Answer. Kevin Blinds offers a broad range of curtains including Sheer Curtains, Blockout Curtains, Pelmet Curtains, and Curtain Sewing Service.

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