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Want to create an ultramodern look for your room? Go for Vertisheers that are the perfect window treatment to choose if you want sleek and contemporary home décor. At Kevin Blinds & Curtains, you will find high quality Vertisheer Blinds to suit your desired home interior.
Choosing the ideal window treatment makes a whole lot of difference in establishing a specific style of room décor. For modern style interiors, Vertisheer Blinds are the best choice to go for.
At our store, you will find a versatile range of Vertisheers that will meet your needs and preference. So, what are you waiting for? Get exploring and find the best Vertisheer Blinds Perth NOW!

3 Benefits of Using Vertisheers for Luxury Home Décor

Luxury and modern home décor can go hand-in-hand. But many customers contemplate when it comes to the choice of window treatment for this specific décor.
However, Vertisheers are the ideal option if you want to go for luxury home décor. Why? Well, here are the ultimate three benefits you get when you choose Vertisheers for luxury style interiors.
1) Unique mechanism for privacy and luxury look
When we consider setting up a luxurious feel for a room, we think about using sheers for window treatment. However, one major challenge when using sheers is that they don’t provide the level of privacy that you may need in a room.
Hence, it is only obvious to pair the sheers with a block-out curtain so that you can get privacy. But these two layered drapes not only make the window treatment heavy, they even take away the modern and luxurious vibe.
Here’s when Vertisheer Perth comes in handy. Vertisheer Blinds have a lightweight curtain layer on one side and luxury sheer layer on its other side. The simple easy-to-turn mechanism makes the blinds go back and forth from one layer to another.
Hence, when you rotate the mechanism to the sheer side, it can give you the ultramodern luxurious look, whereas when you switch it to the other side it will give you the much-needed privacy.
Vertisheer Blinds serves the purpose of both privacy and luxury feel with its simple mechanism and built.
2) Creates illusive high-ceiling look
Modern luxurious home décor demands a high-ceiling that appears sleek and spacious. The regular double layered curtains don’t do justice as it further drags the space and makes the ceiling look short heighted.
The use of Verstisheer Perth ideally fits for the requirement of creating high-ceiling illusion in a room. The lightweight fabric makes the space look airy and you can easily install them with a sleek track.
The sleek track enables the installers to place these window treatments high up under the flush or Cornish ceiling. So, if you want to create the illusive feel of modern luxurious décor in your room, make sure to choose vertisheer blinds for the window.
3) Lightweight application ideal for slide doors
While slide doors are often found in modern luxury rooms, they aren’t exactly visually appealing. While adding a curtain can bring oomph to a door, for sliding doors curtains aren’t an option.
They are heavy and not applicable for slide doors. However, Vertisheer Blinds Perth or in other locations are the perfect choice to go with slide doors. They are lightweight and have unique chord and chain mechanism for easy access.

Why Choose Us for Vertisheer Blinds?

Kevin Blinds & Curtains are experts in delivering high-quality blinds, shutters and curtains. We have been helping hundreds of customers find the ideal window treatment for over 10 years now.
At our store, you will be able to choose from a wide collection of vertisheers, giving you the satisfaction of finding the perfect window treatment for your room. All the vertisheers featured in our store are of premium quality that offers maximum functionality.
Since vertisheer blinds are primarily chosen for creating a luxury modern look, all the vertisheer products have in-trend design to appeal to the customers. But that’s not all, our range of vertisheers are affordable as well.
We never make any compromise with the quality of our products and offer you the best price for them. At Kevin Blinds & Curtains, we also provide expert installers that can set up the vertisheer blinds to your window treatment perfectly.
If you have any queries related to any of our products, feel free to reach out to us as we are happy to offer our assistance.

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Set up an ultramodern home décor with the right choice of window treatment. Our Vertisheer Perth Blinds are contemporary, unique and of premium quality.
Visit our catalogue and choose the ideal vertisheer blinds for your room NOW! Contact us for further details on our featured products and services.

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