Vertical blinds vs roller blinds: which one is perfect for my house?

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Window treatments play a crucial role in dressing up or down any space in the house. Whether you are designing the interiors of your new home or updating the look of a particular room, window coverings lend a sense of completeness to any interior décor.

Available in a wide array of colours, sizes, shapes, and styles, window treatments include curtains, drapes, shutters, shades, valances, cornices, and, of course, blinds.

Like other window treatments, blinds combine style and function. Not only do they improve the aesthetics of a room, but they also provide privacy and are great for light control.

What are blinds?

Blinds are called hard window treatments because they are primarily made of hard materials like vinyl, wood, faux wood, plastic, bamboo, metal and stiffened fabric instead of soft fabric. This type of window covering consists of a lifting mechanism and hard slats, also known as louvres or vanes, which can be adjusted to allow light in or block UV rays out.

While the traditional blinds are controlled through a manual pull cord, automated or motorised blinds can be opened or closed at just the touch of a button. There are cordless blinds as well. They can be manually pulled down and up, offering a safe environment for families, particularly those with small kids. And then there are the smart blinds, which leverage today’s advanced technology. Not only are they automated, but they can also be synced to an app.

Blinds complement any décor and provide a clean, classic feel to any room. They are a practical option for covering windows because they are easier to clean and last longer than their fabric counterparts. Also, unlike drapes, curtains and other fabric coverings, they are wallet-friendly, don’t collect nearly as much dust and don’t harbor dust mites.

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Blinds come in various types. Aside from the cordless, automated and smart options, other types available in the market are the Venetian, Roman, mini, panel track and duo vision. The list also includes silhouette, pleated, Velux, vertical and roller.

When you are presented with endless options, the decision to pick the right blinds can feel daunting, especially if you have no idea what you really need. However, if you have to narrow down your choice between vertical blinds and roller blinds, should you go for the former or the latter? Well, it all depends on the vision you are looking to create and which part of the house you want them installed.

Vertical blinds

As the name suggests, vertical blinds have vertical vanes, which can be tilted or moved from one side or from the center outwards to adjust the amount of light streaming into a room.

Available in a range of colours, patterns, and materials, they are the perfect covering for large or wide windows, whether in the bedroom or living room. They are also the natural solution for bay windows, patio doors, sliding glass doors, and bifold doors. They can even be installed in humid rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.


Energy-saving properties – These blinds are considered energy savers as they have thicker slats than other blinds, making them great at filtering out the sun in the summer and preserving heat during winter.

Total privacy – If your property is situated near a public area or if a neighboring property overlooks your home, vertical blinds are the go-to solution. They offer you complete privacy while still letting ample light in.

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Adds height to space – Due to their vertical structure, vertical blinds make your ceiling look higher than it is. Your room may also seem more spacious.

Low maintenance – Their vertical nature makes it easier for vertical blinds to maintain as they don’t have enough surface for dust to collect. And because they are mainly made from plastic or faux wood materials, dirt can be wiped clean effortlessly.

Easily replaceable – If one or more louvers get damaged due to wear and tear or for any reason, there’s no need for you to take down the whole thing. You just have to remove the louvers that require replacing. Also, if you are renovating your home and find that your current vertical blinds no longer blend with the new décor, simply detach the individual louvers and replace them with new ones. All these can be done only if the whole tracking system remains fully functional.

Vertical blinds or roller blinds?

Both have their advantages and unique uses. If you lean more towards the classic style, choose vertical blinds. But if you want just the right amount of edgy to make a style statement, go for the roller blinds. Nevertheless, why not have the best of both worlds?

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