Veri Shades Blinds Perth

Veri Shades: A Smart Window Treatment Solution

Want to give your home a luxurious and smart look? Invest on the contemporary window furnishing – Veri Shades Blinds Perth. Veri Shades are a unique combination of curtain and blinds to provide smart solutions for window treatment.Both curtains and blinds have pros and cons of their own. However, Veri Shades feature only the goodness of both and give homeowners the ultimate satisfaction. At Kevin Blinds & Curtains, we offer customers a range of Veri Shades Perth that are high-quality and affordable.Install the modern and smart window treatment with Veri Shades and give your room an instant boost of style NOW!

Innovative & Functional Window Furnishing

Veri Shades are made keeping in mind the perks of both curtains and blinds. They have the softness and elegance of curtains while having the functionality of blinds. Made out of delicate and soft fabric, Veri Shades are beautiful.They have no chains or heavy weight so that they can be easily closed and opened as per your desire. If you have a huge window or want to create the illusion of open space in your home décor then adding Veri Shades for your window treatment is the right solution.It would be right to say that the overall design of Veri Shades Perth is highly innovative.Veri Shades are highly functional as it provides the features of curtains and blinds both. Wonder what you can achieve with this smart window treatment?
  • With just a turn of a wand, you can get privacy and light blocking as the opaque fabric does the job.
  • By turning the wand, the other way, the mesh fabric used in Veri Shades lets ample light enter into the room.
  • Veri Shades can be drawn right back just like curtains for letting in full sunlight inside the room.
  • For filtered light entrance into the room, Veri Shades can be opened halfway as well.
Get the desired results you want with the most unique window furnishing solution.

Perfect for Home & Office Setting

The best thing about Veri Shades Blinds Perth is that they are suitable for both home and office settings. For a home environment you need a window treatment solution that is safe for use and yet practical.
As kids and pets can get tangled and hurt themselves, Veri Shades avoids such situations from happening and are ideally safe for use. Also, Veri Shades require a single-track installation therefore, giving more space in the room to utilize. It comes handy in office settings where you have limited space.
The fabric is UV light and soil resistant. There is no fading or dirt accumulation when you are using Veri Shades for window treatment. Veri Shades are ideally fit for the use in office and home settings.
At Kevin Blinds & Curtains, you can hire an expert team of installers who can help you install the versatile and flexible Veri Shades Perth. We guarantee to offer you the best product and service that will enhance your home décor and functionality.

Why Choose Us?

Kevin Blinds & Curtains have been operating in the window treatment business for more than 10 years. We have real hands-on experience and therefore, know what customers are looking for when they are searching for window furnishing options for their homes.
We ensure that our customers get high-quality products and expert level service from us. When it comes to offering premium quality to our customers, we have never compromised. Our store features products that are made with the best quality materials.
But along with the best quality products, we keep our prices reasonable as well. Customers are guaranteed to get value for money purchase from us. We at Kevin Blinds & Curtains prioritize our customer’s demands and aim to meet them with our relentless service.
All our products featured at our store have a two years warranty. When you shop for Veri Shades Blinds Perth at our store, you are assured to get the best product and that too at an affordable price range.
So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore our range of amazing products and pick your choice. For more details on Veri Shades, feel free to reach out to us.

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