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Plantation Shutters

Kevin blinds Plantation shutters, also known as plantation blinds are beautiful, functional, affordable and simple styled indoor window blinds. The large louvers on these shutters give them an elegant look which makes them a great option for bedrooms and dining rooms. These window covers can however look great in casual rooms like kitchens and dens. With a simple adjustment, these blinds allow light into your interior space during the day. These shutters are slowly replacing traditional curtains and blinds.

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Plantation shutters Perth are versatile and beneficial in various ways. One, they are shutters that offer protection from the heat and sun, especially in the summer. They also give some ventilation and privacy to a room. Being waterproof, they are a great option for areas that have some moisture or areas that get wet like kitchens and bathrooms. They have a style and look that gives an interior space a classic and traditional feel. The fact that plantation shutters are able to keep warmth in a room when it is cool or during winter which makes them invaluable. These Plantation shutters Perth are specifically known to be durable, strong, and stable which makes them extremely efficient.

These blinds from Kevin blinds are made up of a frame that is attached to the window opening permanently. They also have a shutter panel that is found inside the frame of the shutter, and magnets hold the panels in place. The magnets are placed in the frame of the shutter when the shutters are being installed. Each shutter frame swings freely and can open completely since they are hinged into the shutter frame. Pulling the panel swings the shutter panel open like doors.

Plantation shutters Perth are made up of three materials, wood, vinyl and composite. The Vinyl shutters do not have wood, but they may have aluminum or PVC support to make them more stable. They are good for areas with high moisture and are also weather resistant. Options for Vinyl plantation shutters are hollow vinyl, solid vinyl, structured hollow vinyl, solid vinyl with an aluminum insert and vinyl-clad wood.

Composite Plantation shutters are another type of plantation shutters that are at times known as engineered wood, faux wood, or fake wood. They are made of engineered wood that may have a coating made of PVC or Vinyl. Other than being weather-friendly, they are also resistant to humidity and are quite sturdy. They are an alternative to wood shutters that is more affordable. Wood can be designed in different ways and customized to sizes and shapes that can be stained or painted. This cannot be done on composite and vinyl which makes the wooden shutters more advantageous. Most people go for the common shutters made of wood, especially for a property that materials like MDF would look unsuitable for.

If you are looking for Plantation shutters Perth that are affordable, beautiful, and Classic, look no further. Kevin blinds have some plantation shutters that will definitely suit your window cover needs. These shutters are a versatile option for your home and they are not only beautiful, but they are also practical. Kevin blinds come with a five-year warranty which can guarantee you efficient performance in the long haul. They are low maintenance shutters and you can expect to use and enjoy them for many years.

Kevin blinds are the experts in Plantation shutters or plantation blinds and you can find every type of these blinds, in every size and specifications to suit your requirements. The plantation shutters from Kevin blinds are sure to give your interiors a graceful and a more decorative look.


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Nic Johnson

We had Kevin blinds make and fit sheers and blockout curtain for our main lounge room and OMG they are absolutely beautiful. The quality is amazing, the material is top notch and super elegant. We highly recommend Kevin blinds, he’s very patient, a clean worker and his quality is super high. We will definitely be getting our theatre and bedroom done through Kevin Blinds.

Risa Ristanovich

Kevin came and installed sheer curtains in my living and bedroom. Cannot recommend him enough. Very efficient, helpful and skilled. The end result was better than I could have imagined. A great turn around in wait time (only 3 weeks compared to larger companies) and the quality and finish of the curtains was top notch. Thank you so much!


Very glad i chose Kevin, great price, quality work and craftsmanship, he was quick to do the work , no damage done, left the place very clean and tidy, a true professional, highly recommended, will commission again for other projects.

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