How To Clean Custom-Made Curtains

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How To Clean Custom-Made Curtains – How To Clean Custom-Made Curtains, The first step in keeping your custom curtains clean is routine vacuuming or dusting. A variety of cleaning instruments from a soft brush attachment to a covert duster can be used to remove dirt from your custom curtains. Work from the top down so you can clean anything that falls later, and make sure to treat both sides and clean with detergents to make perfect curtains when anybody sees if you do not do this then it looks very dirty and other people do not like this.

How To Clean Custom-Made Curtains

Important Tips To Clean Custom-Made Curtains

  • Check The Label – Before you do anything, check the care label on your window treatments to see if the manufacturer advocates hand washing, getting het up, vacuuming, or dry cleaning, and whether it’s safe to put your curtains in the washing machine. Follow the care command for the best way to clean your curtains to the letter. Or else, you may be shopping for window behavior sooner than cleaning them.
  • Do A Mark Test – If the best way to clean your curtains is with a barge, in the washing machine, or by handwashing, you’ll want to do a spot test on an unnoticeable area. For steamers, you should steam clean a small area of your curtain and let it dry fully to make sure the curtains do not end up stained. Using the washing machine or handwashing You need to test a hidden portion of the fabric to see if it’s cooperative with your detergent. Again, let the mark dry fully so you can see the results before washing the full console.
  • Clean The Curtains By Hands Or In The Washer – Take your curtains down and remove any hardware. Go outside and shake curtain panels out to get free of as much dust as possible. Follow the cleaning instructions on your care tag. If there aren’t any instructions for machine washing, use cold water and a little bit of gentle laundromat detergent. Elegant curtains like those made from openwork should be washed in a mesh bag if hand washing is not identified. Only clean one or two consoles in your washing machine at a time, depending on the thickness of your curtain fabric. You want to make sure consoles get clean and you don’t want to overburden your washer. Hang curtains to dry, outside if possible. If you’re drying your curtains inside because of allergies or lack of a clothesline, set down towels to soak up drizzle water. You may want to place plastic garbage bags under the towels if you have timberwood or overlay flooring.
  • Clean The Curtains By Steam – To clean the curtains by steam make sure that your steamer has a padding attachment and also read the instructions on your steam cleaner.
  • Clean The Curtains While Hanging – machine washing, and cleaning curtains while hanging will require a little more frequency. For instance, instead of deep cleaning your curtains every couple of months with detergent and water, vacuuming them on a bi-weekly basis and intermittently brushing dust bunnies and dander off with a soft-bristled brush will have a similar effect to a deep clean.
  • Make Ready Provide To Clean Curtains At Home – Cleaning curtains at home can get complex, and part of the reason so many people struggle is the clash of information on how it’s best done. It seems like everyone has opinions on the proper and best way to clean curtains and drapes. But it seems everyone agrees on one thing arranging your window treatments and concalve your cleaning supplies previously is key. If your curtains are made of wool or cashmere, and have a border or finished gather, they will need to be dry cleaned, so it’s important to find a professional in your area you can trust. As for curtains made of cotton, synthetic fabrics, silk, or complete material, they all require different cleaning materials and therefore, different compositions. 
  • Vacuum Window Treatments – A vacuum cleaner with an extension is the best way to clean curtains and drapes regularly. Try to vacuum your window behavior on a weekly or twice-a-week basis to keep them looking fresh in between detailed cleans. And make sure you vacuum both sides to remove impurities.
  • Call The Professional – No DIY tips here. When care labels say to dry clean curtains, you need to take them to the cleaners. Do-it-yourself methods can be attractive, but use them at your own risk in this framework. The easiest way to get clean window treatments is to have someone else take care of the task for you.

How To Choose The Right Curtains

  • Length And Linning – Before you take out the tape measure, decide how high above the window you’d like the curtains to begin. Hanging the console higher than the window will give a sense of height to the room. Designers frequently hang curtains about six inches above the window frame, but for a substantial look, some go higher. Measure from the top of the window plus the added inches of height where the curtains will hang from to the floor. For a more traditional look, with the curtain a little dingy on the floor, you’ll want to add another two or three inches to your length.
  • Custom Window Treatment – You can modify the measurements to your window size and create a tailored look, like a perfectly fitted suit. Custom panels come in limitless design options, from material to header style. With these options, though, comes a comfortable price difference from an unattachment curtain console.
  • Pick The Hardware – If you haven’t already, pick your curtain rod. It’s not automatically just a practical piece of hardware. A curtain rod can add visual interest and help dress up your windows. Curtain rods are expandable, meaning you can adjust their length. When measuring the rod length you will need, measure the width of your window and add a foot on both sides of the window. This will provide enough space for the curtain dashboard to hang. Curtain rods come in various styles, such as single or double if you want to layer thicker panels with sheers, and in multiple materials. Wood, brass, iron, and brushed covers are just some of the popular materials to choose from. 


In this, we can say that cleaning custom-made curtains is very important to the house. After all, it gives our home a very bright view cause many people come to your home to only see the curtains. I hope that this information gives you some knowledge about how to clean the custom-made curtains.

Some FAQs

Question – What Is The Best Way To Clan Custom Curtains?

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Answer – If you’re able to do laundry at home, and rest reliably, it is possible to put curtains in the washing machine if the fabric allows. The best way to clean curtains is to wash them on a pacific cycle, in cool to warm water, with clement detergent.

Question – Are Curtains Are Hard To Wash?

Answer – No, curtains are not hard to wash because it is totally low maintenance and can be easily washed. Only use detergent with a soft hand because sometimes it does not maintain, when it does not maintain then it becomes roughy and becomes hard. 

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