How to clean a curtain?

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Ironing curtains with steamer

Curtains spend a large amount of time in pleats which means that they easily gather pet hair and dust and mould nay even grow on them. Though they may not look dirty after a period of time, they may stir up dust each time they are moved which means that your home will not be healthy if you do not clean them. The manner in which you clean curtains will depend on things such as the fabric that has been used and whether or not they are lined. Check the label of instructions for your curtain before you clean them so that you do it right as per the directions given. Here are some tips from Kevin blinds that will come in handy when you are cleaning your curtains.

Cleaning velvet curtains

If your velvet curtains can be washed using a washing machine, you can take them through a wash in a one panel at a time cold cycle. Check the instruction label by the manufacturer to find out whether you can use a machine to wash them first. Do not place them in a dryer as most of velvet curtains will be dry clean only. 

Cleaning linen curtains

In some cases, linen curtains can be washed using a washing machine on a cold cycle that is delicate. Begin by checking the manufacturer instructions on the curtains. If you cannot wash them using a washing machine, wash them using your hands using a detergent that is mild and that is suited for linen. Avoid tumble drying linen curtains and one the moisture in them reduces, use a steam iron to iron them slightly on low heat. You may also opt to rehang them while they still have some moisture but ensure that you keep them closed fully until they dry completely. 

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How to clean a curtain?

Cleaning Silk Curtains

The best way to clean silk curtains is by dry cleaning them. If you choose to clean them yourself, be ready to be careful and take some time while doing it. Use lukewarm water and about one tablespoon of detergent that is mild for every four liters of water to wash silk curtains. After the first wash, rinse them in lukewarm water to get rid of all the detergent. After the rinse, pug about one tablespoon of vinegar in some lukewarm water and gently hand wash the curtains for about ten minutes, then rise them once again. 

Silk tends to stretch out so knead out all excess water from the curtains then lay them down flat away from direct sunlight. You can opt to lay them down on some towels. Before they dry out and are still damp, iron them slightly on the inside. 

Cleaning mouldy curtains

Mould on curtains is definitely not a good look but cleaning them is an easy solution. To clean curtains that are mouldy, dissolve the curtains in about 500g of non-iodized salt in water that has room temperature. Do not use table salt for this. If you have several curtains, soak them one at a time for about two to five hours. After soaking them, knead or squeeze out all the excess water from the curtains. Make sure you do not wring them out. After this, hang them in an area that is warm and windy. The crystals will dry out and you can use a soft brush to dust them off the curtains. 

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Cleaning sheers

A sheer from Kevin blinds is quite delicate and it might tear in the machine. Hand wash your sheers in water that is cold and add some detergent or laundry powder. Soak them for about ten minutes and swirl them around to get rid or dirt or dust. Get rid of the excess water by squeezing them and use cold water again to wash out any extra detergent that is on them. Make sure you do not wring out sheers but squeeze them out and air dry them. 

For a feel that is nice and crispy, add some Espom salt in cold water and leave them to soak for about ten minutes. Squeeze out the water gently and leave them to drip out until they are dry. You do not have to rinse them again and you can rehang them after they dry out. 

Cleaning shell or acrylic bead curtains

The main problem that comes up when you are cleaning shell or bead curtains is that they easily get tangled up. This means that you have to wash them while in place. To do this, hang up a fabric like a bedsheet behind the curtain and fasten them together on the curtain rod using clothespins. Use a towel to cover the floor at the bottom of your washing area. Use warm water to fill a spray bottle and add about two to three drops of detergent. Spray this on the curtain in all areas, from the top to the bottom. Wipe out the curtains using a damp cotton cloth as you rub lightly on areas that need to be cleaned better. Once you have done this, move the bedsheet to the other side and do the same thing to that side of the curtain. Once you are done, take down the bedsheet and leave the curtains to air dry on a laundry line. 

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Cleaning polyester curtains

You may find that lined or formal curtains from Kevin blinds have a label that shows they should only be dry cleaned and this is the same case for polyester curtains. You should take them to a trusted dry cleaner so that you do not ruin them in cleaning. If you want a simple refresh for curtains that have been dry cleaned, you can opt for a dry clean at home kit. 

Bonus tips

For curtains that have pleats, spread out the pleats after you have untied the heading cords. 

When you hang curtains on the laundry line, do not use legs. Instead, hang them high up using their hooks and away from direct sunlight. 

Do not bleach curtains as it will ruin them. 

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