How to choose the perfect blinds?

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When it comes to picking blinds for your windows, there are so many designs that are available in the market which means it can be sometimes overwhelming to settle on one. There’s a lot of factors that go into choosing the perfect blinds from the look, style and color to the cost, suitability and functionality. The main goal is to make the right choice and this is just the article that will give you tips that will help you get the best blonds for your window and you can your Perth blinds from Kevin blinds. 

Things to consider when choosing blinds


Deciding on the style of your blinds is the first step to finding the perfect blinds. The style that you go for has to suit your room and your windows but always stay true to your personal taste when it comes to the theme. 

Venetian blinds are stylish Perth blinds and quite popular. If a look of white plantation shutters is what you’re going for, then Venetian blinds are the ones for you. Those that have wide slats offer an alternative and they are also fairly affordable. They come in handy for privacy and when you want to control the light, are easy to clean and generally low maintenance. 

If you are going for a modern streamlined look then roller blinds are the perfect fit. Where you want to add space to your rooms, Roman blinds are the right choice since they create the illusion of space if the installation is done slightly higher than where your windows are. The result of this is that your room will be extended and the impression made is that the windows go from the ceiling to the floor and make windows that are small to look larger. 

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Matchstick blinds are the best option if you want to add some warmth and an inviting feel to your home. They are best suited for rooms that have contemporary furnishings. Matchstick blinds can be found in different textures like reeds, grasses and bamboo. 


Blinds from Kevin blinds are made of various materials that are different and whose suitability will be dependent on the kind of space you have. If you are in an area that has high heat, then go for white timber Venetians, aluminum Venetians or block out roller blinds. Their backing is white and refractive which means it gets rid of excess heat. 

In areas that have moisture or that might get wet like kitchens or bathrooms, go for moisture resistant materials like aluminum Venetian blinds. Instead of having frosted glass for your bathroom windows, you can go for the Venetian Perth blinds. They are available in different shades which makes it easy to get an elegant and sleek look. 

Roman blinds rest flat on windows and take in moisture because they are mad of soft fabric which makes them not suitable for rooms that might be damp like bathrooms. 

How to choose the perfect blinds?

Light and privacy considerations

You may want to blackout your room once in a while and roller blinds are the ideal solution. They can also block out neighbors that are noisy and keep away the chill during winter since they don’t have gaps that let cold air through. They are also the ideal option if you want to let in lots of light into your interior space during the day as you can pleat them up above the window. 

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If you do not want to go for roller blinds but you still want some light and privacy in your room, then silhouette Kevin blinds are just right for you. These are blinds that are made up of a combination of layers of fabric and are also known as facette or night and day blinds. Two layers of translucent fabric are combined, with an opaque fabric between them. They come in a variety of widths and are easy to open and close. As much as they might be more costly than roller blinds, they are still versatile which makes them worth the cost. 

Take your window into consideration

There may be different styles of blinds from Kevin blinds and the style you go for will depend in the kind of window you have. You may also consider the door or furniture you have when it comes to choosing a blind and access as you require to get to the wand or chord. For instance, if you want to access a sliding door easily, go for a roller blind over the door since it is easy to use and it is a clean minimal style. 

For wide windows, entrances to outdoor areas and sliding glass doors vertical perth blinds are a great option. The reason is that they can be stacked in the side, instead of being bunched up at the top of the window. If there are objects under your window that might be an obstruction like a bed or radiator, then Roman Perth blinds will be a great option. 

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You may also have that awkwardly shaped window that doesn’t have the standard square or rectangular shape. If you have a window like this one, vertical blinds will come in handy. They can be tilted when closed to give some privacy and when open they can be pulled up to the highest point. They came in many patterns or colors, but for a look that is clean and uncluttered, plain and simple gets the job done. 

Go for classic shutters

For a look that will guarantee elegance for your interior space, shutter blinds also known as colonial blinds or plantation blinds can be the best for you. When the installation is done right, these blinds can look great. When installing them, focus in the window design and align the shutters to the doors. Get those that also have the same shape as the window frames. 

Shutters come in varying options where they can either be closed with slats in a tilt or left open to let light in. Having shutters will give you some of the best dressed windows in your neighborhood and will also offer insulation and soundproofing. 

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