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Venetian Blinds Perth – Window blinds are made from horizontal slats. It was developed in 1794 and it received the name Venetian blinds just because it initially came from Venice, Italy. Venetian blinds are windows covered with horizontal slats and these are made with aluminum, wood, or plastic. Also, these are versatile and good choices for both office and home. These blinds add style, control the light, and give you privacy. If you are looking for a company that provides you with complete treatment of Venetian Blinds Perth then Kevin Blinds is available 24×7 for you.

Kevin Blinds is a world-class supplier of quality aluminum Venetian blinds. If you are seeking a window treatment solution for your home then Kevin Blinds is the perfect place for your home window treatments. Our company has very quality blinds and many more materials at affordable prices. For more details, please call us at 1800 888 588, 0455 501 881, or mail at

How do Aluminium Venetian Blinds Benefit Your Living Room?

Choosing the aluminium Venetian blinds is an amazing option for a living room and it has lots of benefits that are given below:

  • Effective lighting control – One of the biggest benefits of these blinds is that they control the light in the living room. Also, these are very easy to close and open.
  • Increase privacyYou can open these blinds fully, allowing light into the room. Aluminum Venetian blinds have horizontal slats then the view into the space will be restricted and protect your privacy. When you close your blinds then there are no gaps and angles and no one can see your property. 
  • Low maintenance – These are also very low-maintenance options for your room windows. You can clean them very easily with a dry cloth and remove all the dirt as well as keep them in good condition.
  • Long-lasting – Choosing these blinds is a wonderful option because they are incredibly long-lasting. Aluminum Venetian Blinds are lightweight and flexible.
  • Suit a range of window sizes – As we all know, the living room window is the most variable window option in the home. These blinds are an outstanding option for any living room window because they are available in various sizes that are suitable for small as well as large windows. You can also use these on corner windows, bay windows, and dome windows as well.
  • Range of colors – The best part of these blinds is that they are available in many colors that suit your interior design and make an attractive feature for your living space. 

What is Venetian Blinds Perth?

Venetian blinds are made up of multiple horizontal slats that can be rotated to allow the flow of light and air into a room. They can also be pulled up and placed over the top of your windows for an unobstructed view.

What are the Steps for Aluminium Venetian Blinds?

Before you start you need some tools and instruments to complete the installation safely as well as accurately. Tools and instruments including:

  • Drill
  • Ear muffs
  • Impact driver
  • Ladder
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Safety glasses
  • Spirit level
  • Tape measure
  • Venetian blind kit

Steps for Installing Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Installing the aluminum Venetian blinds is a great way to give your room privacy and shade. Also, it is a very simple process just measuring the window, mounting the brackets, and then installing the blind. The following are steps for installing the Venetian blinds are given below:

  • Installing the mounting brackets
  • Fixing the blind headrail
  • Installing the cord cleat
  • Installing the hold-down clips

Why Choose Kevin Blinds? | Top Venetian Blinds Supplier & Dealer in Perth

In Perth, there are so many window treatments available, and finding the best one for your home is a challenging task. Also, choosing the window treatment that fits your budget and style preference is difficult. Aluminium Blinds for the window are one of the best, most versatile, and cost-effective solutions in Perth. Furthermore, these are available in the market in various colors and styles.

People love the simplicity and versatility of Venetian blinds which is why they are highly in demand. Well, if you are searching for the Best Aluminium Blinds For Windows in Perth then Kevin Blinds is the one-stop solution for all your problems. Yes, our company has different kinds of blinds, curtains, shutters, and many more materials in a wide range of colors, styles, sizes, and textures. 

  • Installation Services
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Professional Treatment
  • Highly Affordable Prices

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Which company offers the Best Venetian Blinds Treatment in Perth?

Answer. Kevin Blinds offers the Best Venetian Blinds Treatment in Perth.

Question 2. What are Venetian Blinds suitable for?

Answer. Venetian Blinds give you complete privacy and control lots of light and air to circulate.

Question 3. What are the advantages of aluminum blinds for home windows?

Answer. The following are the advantages of aluminium blinds for home windows:

  • Versatility to suit any room
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Light and privacy control

Custom Made Venetian Blinds From $99

If you are worried those aluminium venetian blinds might be a little complicated or hard to clean, then you surely have a misconception because these blinds are actually pretty easy to clean and there is really nothing that you have to worry about! Everything about our aluminium venetian blinds are actually very simple and convenient, right from their installation, to their cleaning and eventually their maintenance. Our line of aluminium venetian blinds are very affordable, Australian-made and easily top of the range. These aluminium venetian blinds are durable and low-maintenance meaning that you really won't need to put in special efforts to maintain them.

The aluminium venetian is also known as horizontal blinds or slat blinds. If you have been looking for something to give your bedroom that stylish touch, these blinds are the best possible option for you. Under venetian blinds perth, there are many other types of blinds like timber venetian blinds.  The aluminium venetian blinds are actually one of the best choices for people who are looking for a much-more contemporary look to their homes. These aluminum blinds perth are made with robust materials so there's actually very little chances of them rusting away or cracking. These blinds are specifically designed for durability and this means that they will easily last for a very long period of time, making them a solid investment for just about everyone.

Many homeowners tend to opt for  venetian blinds perth because of the many benefits that can be availed from their usage. One of the biggest factors in their favor is that they won't rust easily which makes them perfect to use in kitchens and bathrooms. Another key factor in the favor of these blinds is that they have been specifically crafted for strength which means that they will not break even when they are put under extreme levels of pressure. Further cleaning these aluminum blinds perth is very easy and the material of the blinds means that it will only take someone just a couple of minutes to wipe away the dust and clean them completely. All of these factors combined and compounded make these blinds an excellent cost-effective and low-maintenance option.

If you intend to add the perfect bit of class and style to different environment settings, regardless of them being casual or professional, the venetian is the way to go forward. Aluminum venetian is actually one of the best types of blinds and they can easily fit in just about any room and space. With the help of these blinds, you will be able to provide a safe and peaceful setting for your kids and pets.  The aluminum blinds perth can give just about any setting an elevated feel and the high level of durability that they provide means that you get complete value for your money.

Just go for these blinds and you will not be disappointed because their pros far outweigh their negligible cons, making these blinds a very good value-for-money product.

If you are aiming for a modern feature that is equal parts, practical and stylish, then you must go for venetian blinds. These blinds can prove to the best way to freshen up your decor. In today's day and age, you can easily find these blinds in a wide range of finishes. As long as you source it from us, you are sure to get the best bang for your buck as our blinds are made from very strong and durable aluminium.

The aluminum blinds that we sell are hand-cut and made-to-measure and they offer very high degrees of rotation. Further they also maintain privacy and warmth while controlling sunlight. The aluminum blinds are available in both manual as well as motorized options. We offer an extensive and highly versatile range of aluminum blinds that offers UV protection, much-longer life-span and reduction of energy consumption at the office as well as the home.

Buy venetian blinds from us as they can prove to be the best way to complement the design as well the feeling of your surroundings. Further, these blinds can also provide a very impressive light controlling action. Whether you need a fitting for a bay window or for a PVC window or rooms or doors with high humidity, venetian blinds actually shape up to be one of the best options that you can invest in.

Perth Venetian Blinds

Customers Reviews

Affordable prices and quality material. Highly recommend Kevin blinds and curtains
Rajitha Chandrasekara
Rajitha Chandrasekara
12:34 18 Feb 23
Kevin is absolutely fantastic. He is very competitively priced, he is prompt, clean, works fast. We had 7 sheer curtains supplied and installed by him all within one month of ordering. I even had him supply and install vertical blinds st my fathers house which he did within 10 days! Would 100% recommend. Thanks Kevin, we love our curtains!
Katarina Polovina
Katarina Polovina
10:31 17 Feb 23
Punctual. Replies to messages.
Does a fantastic job with measurements and suggestions for blinds.
Very efficient with hanging blinds.
Very happy with the quality, price and installation of the blinds.

Thoroughly recommend Kevin’s blinds to anyone.
Danielle Ann
Danielle Ann
10:47 09 Feb 23
I am so happy with my wonderful new curtains and new track. It looks amazing, you were very professional and accurate with turnover time in making to size and fitting them so promptly. I would definately use Kevin's blinds & curtains again.☺️
Donna Dawson
Donna Dawson
08:27 25 Nov 22
Kevin was prompt, professional and had great suggestions.I love my new blinds and the price was very affordable. Would not hesitate to use this business again and will be recommending Kevin to my family and friends.
Nada Treacher
Nada Treacher
07:28 14 Nov 22
We are delighted with the new curtains and vision blinds the service was excellent thank you Kevin
Debbie Greig
Debbie Greig
13:26 01 Nov 22
We were beyond happy with the service we received from Kevin Blinds & Curtain. He was referred to us by a friend, and he delivered. Excellent communication every step of the way, fantastic selection of blinds, explained the process to us & best options to our purpose, and the installation was very professional & neat. Highly recommend their service. Thank you 🙏
Baribela Idris
Baribela Idris
10:32 01 Nov 22
We have used Kevin Bilnds & Curtains in two homes and have had a good experience both times. The blinds are good quality, the installation was professional and the price was reasonable. Will use this company again.
Anthony Jarvis
Anthony Jarvis
02:16 31 Aug 22
Kevin is very helpful and professional. I love our new curtains and blinds, makes our apartment look so much nicer and stylish. I would highly recommend his products and services.
Crystal Coleman
Crystal Coleman
11:30 30 Aug 22
Did an awesome job. Really happy with the finished look and blinds and sheer curtains arrived earlier than expected. Installed the next day in just over 3 hours for the whole house.Thank you
Myke Pehi
Myke Pehi
13:20 18 Jul 22
Kevin did an amazing job installing our rollerblinds and curtains. He is attentive and honest unlike other salesman I encounter. Highly recommend!
Jazz Ng
Jazz Ng
23:31 22 Jun 22
Kevin promptly came onsite to measure and quote.Estimated 2 weeks before the vertical blinds would be ready, but they were ready only 5 days later! Very pleased. It only took Kevin around 30-40mins to install blinds for a double large window, medium window and a sliding door. Overall very happy with Kevin's professional service and quality workmanship. Will recommend to all my friends and family 👍👍👍
Michael Tran
Michael Tran
10:13 17 Jun 22
We had all the vertical blinds in our house replaced by Kevin. He had a far superior range of styles and patterns to what any shop had, so we were able to choose exactly what we liked. Delivery was quick and fitting was done in less than 2 hours. A major improvement to the look inside the house. I recommend Kev for the best price, best quality and the best service, with a 2 year guarantee.
Alan Catton
Alan Catton
12:10 12 Jun 22
Absolutely 100% recomendExcellent rates excellent customer service & excellent choice of blinds etc for all your house hold windows & doors
Kath Booth
Kath Booth
11:53 28 Apr 22
Highly recommend kevin blinds&curtains got some work done on my house and really happy with the service and price kevin does a great job
Ryan Cooke
Ryan Cooke
01:37 23 Mar 22
I'm very happy with my blinds and curtains. Great quality, lots of materials to choose from, great help and advice on styling your home, great service, quick and professional. Really happy with the service and job overall. Highly recommend 👌Thank you so much for the great job you did.P.s. I'm very picky but Kevin did the job that I couldn't fault.
Svetlana Radovic
Svetlana Radovic
02:50 24 Dec 21
KEVIN did my roller blinds and I'm really happy with the end result.The house looks amazing with the new blinds.They are very clean, on time and professional. .I will recommend Kevin Blinds to all my relatives and friends.AMAZON work.
Falah Akmush
Falah Akmush
13:31 14 Oct 21
Kevin did roller blinds for our apartment and they look amazing. Gave the old unit a much more modern look. The installation process was smooth. Kevin arrived on time and left the place clean and tidy. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to get good quality and reasonably priced blinds. Thanks Kevin.Jamie
Jamie Guo
Jamie Guo
05:07 13 Sep 21
Kevin did roller blinds for our apartment and they look amazing. Gave the old unit a much more modern look. The installation process is smooth. Kevin arrived on time and left the place clean and tidy. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to get good quality and reasonably priced blinds. Thanks Kevin.

Jam Blink
Jam Blink
05:05 13 Sep 21
Kevin's blinds are amazing. So easy no hassle. Arrive on time. Didn’t have to wait long like the big companies. My sheer curtains are amazing and the cost is fantastic. Thank you so much will recommend him to anyone. Will have him out again soon.
Jodie Williams
Jodie Williams
10:47 12 Aug 21
Highly recommend Kevin blinds. Kevin always responded very quickly, his prices were amazing, he was on time for both quoting and installation, he had plenty of options to choose from and kept us up to date. He made the process all very smooth. Wait time wasn’t long at all, and on installation I found him very professional and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to blinds. The quality of our blinds is brilliant and we are very happy. A very smooth an easy company to deal with from start to finish. Will absolutely use again.
Lauren McAdam
Lauren McAdam
07:46 19 Mar 21
Kevin Blinds just completed our whole house of blinds. Great advice on colors, type and pelmets. We definitely recommend. Thank you for all your hard work. The blinds look awesome.
Carly P
Carly P
00:46 21 Feb 21
Kevin recently installed roller blinds in my home. I am very pleased with the job and really appreciated how polite and respectful Kevin’s service is. Very neat job, on time for appointments, competitive pricing, great lead in time and would absolutely recommend Kevin.
Sorcha Ni Bhriain
Sorcha Ni Bhriain
02:04 09 Feb 21
good quality blinds and curtains,reasonable price and professional job!!, happy with the result,will recommend to my friend!
03:19 02 Jul 20

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