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Blinds & Curtains Bayswater – If you want to give a new look to your home and office then window coverings are an amazing choice. The best part of window coverings is that they are available in different varieties and types. Choosing the right and desirable window coverings is not an easy task in fact it is time-consuming work. Fee-free now and connect yourself with Kevin Blinds, we are the top-rated and renowned Blinds & Curtains Bayswater having years of experience in this field.

Blinds & Curtains Bayswater

Bayswater is a suburb located 6 km northeast of the central business district of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Also, this is situated just north of the Swan River, within the City of Bayswater local government area. As per the census of 2021, the estimated population of this suburb is around 15,288 people. According to the residents of this area, it is clear there are a lot of people living and they need window coverings for several reasons. If you are seeking the right company that provides you with complete window treatment under one roof at cost-effective prices then Kevin Blinds is the right place. To learn more about us and our services simply dial 1800 888 588, 0455 501 881, or write a mail at

Where Are Kevin Blinds Window Treatment Services Available

The installation services of our company are available in all the locations including:

  • Construction Sites
  • Property Managers
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Maintenance Firms
  • Hotels
  • Insurance Related Work
  • Shops
  • Care homes
  • Factories
  • Restaurants
  • Schools (private & public)
  • Churches
  • Multi Storey Office and Residential Projects
  • Hospitals
  • Government Buildings

Kevin Blinds Offered a Broad Range of Blinds and Curtains in Bayswater

Kevin Blinds provides various types of window coverings and some of them are given below:

#1. Sheer Curtain

Sheer Curtain is also known as Sheers and these are made with lightweight fabrics. This window covering covers the windows as well as softens your home’s lighting. Also, these add amazing style to your interior decor and give you complete privacy. Our sheers save your interior from harmful UV rays and lower the risk of fading and sun damage. Below are some benefits of Sheer Curtains including:

  • They perfectly diffuse window sunlight.
  • It can provide softness, texture, and movement.
  • Also, this often comes in waves.
  • This can add daytime privacy to your rooms.
  • They work well with layers.

#2. Blockout Curtain

The Blockout Curtain is the best choice for those who want a dark room. Yes, this curtain blocks the sunlight and keeps the room nice and fully dark. Also, these are able to lower the amount of light and heat in the bedroom that comes into the windows. The Blockout Curtain also reduces the outside noise and saves the furnishings from UV rays. Most people use this in their sleeping areas to lower their exposure to morning sunlight and as a result, improve their sleep quality. The following are the perks that are given below:

  • Blocks out light
  • Proper insulation as well as energy-efficient
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Versatile design
  • Good investment

#3. Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds is one of the trending choices because they are highly affordable and easy to easy-to-use design. Also, these are made with durable fabrics and make the look of the home outstanding. Kevin Blinds offer these blinds in several colors, designs, and sizes at pocket-friendly prices. For those people who are looking at the easy to maintain then designer blinds are an amazing option. 

  • Color choices
  • Designer window treatments use better materials
  • Improved privacy
  • Good energy efficiency
  • Gorgeous aesthetic
  • Enhance your home with window treatments

#4. Custom Panel Blinds

Custom Panel Blinds are an amazing option for large windows and doors. You can close and open these with a cord and remote control system. These are the best for controlling the light. Also, they give a more stylish and modern look to any decor. Furthermore, they are very easy to operate according to the traditional vertical blinds. These are able to provide better insulation and keep the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter seasons. Here are the some perks of Customs Panel Blinds that are given below;

  • Give more privacy
  • Easy to install
  • Block maximum light
  • Give a modern touch to the interior design
  • Reduces electricity bills
  • Cover large windows
  • Variety of designs
  • Customization
  • Insulate your home
  • Reduces the noise
  • Easy to open and close
  • Easy to clean

Professional Blinds and Curtains Installers in Bayswater | Kevin Blinds

Kevin Blinds is an experienced and well-known company serving its products and services for more than 10+ years. Our company is known for high-quality products, professional services, and affordable products. Hundreds of customers are happy with the different types, colors, sizes, and textures of our window coverings.

Also, our company provides top-notch quality blinds, curtains, and shutters at the best possible prices. We make all our products with quality materials that give you complete privacy, block out the sunlight, and make you feel comfortable. Well, if you are looking for the Top Blinds & Curtains Manufacturing Company in Bayswater then choose Kevin Blinds for durable and quality material.

  • Expert Advice
  • DIY Measure and Price
  • Quality Made And Delivered
  • Installation Services
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Professional Service
  • High-Quality Products
  • Affordable Rates

Contact Details

Name – Kevin Blinds

Address – PERTH, WA

Contact No. – 1800 888 588, 0455 501 881


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Which company is the Top Blinds & Curtains Manufacturer & Supplier in Bayswater?

Answer. Kevin Blinds is the Top Blinds & Curtains Manufacturer & Supplier in Bayswater.

Question 2. Which company provides the Blinds and Curtains Installation Services in Bayswater?

Answer. Kevin Blinds provides the Blinds and Curtains Installation Services in Bayswater.

Question 3. Does Kevin Blinds cover all the areas in Bayswater?

Answer. Yes, Kevin Blinds covers all the areas in Bayswater.

Question 4. How much do the blinds and curtains cost in Bayswater?

Answer. The cost of any type of window coverings depends on various factors like the type of material, style, size, and the manufacturer and supplier you choose.

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